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can you hear the choirs singing?  i can!  dave & i actually went away over the weekend...together – at the same time!  how did this shocking, long-awaited dream come to pass you ask?  well, ladies and gentleman, we got us a living, breathing pet sitter.  i can’t even explain to you what a big deal this is for us.  since our last real pet sitter, amanda, moved out of state a few years ago we’ve been floundering.  amanda has been amazing and driven 8 hours on a few occasions over the years so dave & i could get away together but obviously that’s not an ideal situation.  we’ve looked here and there and had a few people do it over the years but we haven’t had anything solid.  enter courtney and her pet concierge business, barkstrom, and our life just got an upgrade.  she has fantastic qualifications, is responsible, offers great services, uses our vet, and was absolutely unphased by staying with our pack.  we did an overnight to chattanooga to give her a trial run and the whole thing went off without a hitch (and she was willing to come back).  if you’re in the nashville area and in need of a pet sitter please check her out – we can’t recommend her highly enough (the one caveat is we can’t have her get so busy she’s not available…fisticuffs will ensue if that happens).

it’s not like we plan to travel that much but to have the peace of mind that if we need or want to go somewhere it’s actually possible is such an amazing treat.  the fact that we can leave and feel like everyone’s in good hands and feel no stress is icing on the cake…very necessary icing (which, truth be told, all icing is).  here’s a shot of dave enjoying a huge vegan meal on our “vacation”…

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