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i’m so, so happy to announce that violet has officially been adopted. her trainers, nathan & bridget from k9 logics, have been amazingly kind enough to foster her over the last year and she’s been having a ball playing with all the dogs that come to their daycare.  being the amazing little lady that she is she helped a very timid pit bull daycamper come out of her shell and that dog’s owner decided that violet was a keeper.  violet now gets to spend her days with her new sister and her fantastic new life includes spending weekdays at daycare while her family is at work.  we are so thrilled that violet is getting her chance at the life she deserves.  i know she was happy during her time here and that she loved being with nathan & bridget but i needed her to be settled in her forever home to really feel okay…and quite honestly all that projecting my feelings onto her was getting tiresome. 

so it seems that sometimes you have to free some energy for things to move foreward.  we’ve been in a holding pattern since violet left.  i specifically have had a hard time with her not working here and probably didn’t feel right about moving on until violet was able to move on.  that all changed the week before christmas when we were at an adoption event put on by emmylou harris’ rescue, bonaparte’s retreat,  (note that we were going for the music…not to adopt).  this dog passed by us that i missed but dave was very taken by (seriously he kept telling me i needed to see him).  later the girl walking that dog came right up to a group of us and started a sales pitch for said dog…which we fell for hook, line & sinker.  the dog, slater, was a handsome, about 1-year-old mix who had been returned to the nashville humane society on two different occasions.  the end of the story and start of a new story so to speak is that slater is now a colella.  he’s a sweet, lovable doofus of a dog who is dave’s new shadow.  i am pleased to present slater for your viewing pleasure: 

so far 2012 is looking much better than 2011 did…hope you all are having a great start to the new year!

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