he's our tender-roni

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sadly it’s been a bit hard keeping you all up on the comings and goings of our family this year and i’ve been really remiss in introducing our newest family member but i’m here today to rectify the situation.  i’ve also put this introduction off a bit because it’s always difficult for me to write these posts when we’ve adopted a dog from a family having to let their dog go.  in all these situations i’ve always highly respected the family’s decision to want a better situation for their pet but knowing the potentiality of them reading the posts makes it a bit difficult.  i’d like it to be known that the statements i’m making are fact and hold no judgement but i believe the details of each dog’s rehoming are important to how they adapt here and what we expect of them. 

back in the beginning of october a woman that works with the national irish wolfhound rescue alerted me to a craigslist ad for a wolfhound in indianapolis.  his family could no longer care for him and needed to rehome him so dave and i made the drive a few days later to pick him up.  because of the family’s situation combined with a problem with neighbors “sargeant” had been living outside on a chain by day and roaming free by night for the last year and a half.   we knew we could definitely improve his situation so we loaded him up and brought him home. 

the introductions were as they’ve been of late – pretty uneventful.  he was definitely a bit shell-shocked as many are when they find themselves a part of this family of hooligans but he’s one of us now.  as much as we like to honor the familys' we adopt from we just couldn’t get right with the name sargeant so we renamed him ronan.  i just couldn’t get a nickname as good as tender-roni with a name like sargeant.

when we got him ronan was completely shaved and the hair has been slow growing but it’s coming along.  he’s definitely a little rough around the edges which is to be expected from the way he had been living.  all that being said he’s a big, lovable oaf of a guy and he’s enjoying life inside very much.  truthfully i’m not sure how he ended up living outside - when we leave him out one second longer than he’d like he starts to howl, except not a normal howl... this one seems to come from the depths of his soul.  the first time i heard it i went running to the door certain someone was being bludgeoned to death only to find ronan standing there as if to say “what took you so long.”  now that his official colella family introduction is done please join us in a late but very necessary welcome! 

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