"heard any good jokes lately" -pee wee herman

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i’ve been missing.  awol.  mia.  if there was an amber alert for bloggers (am i a blogger?) it would have been issued.  if i’ve disappointed anyone i apologize…and thank you for caring.  a brief explanation ensues:  for a little over a year (truth be told a lot over a year) i’ve been feeling really crappy, not myself…just off.  exhausted, overwhelmed, short term memory loss, trouble putting words together, weight gain that didn’t budge no matter what i did, headaches, dizziness, short of breath, etc.  in short, nothing death defying but just not myself.  the idea of doing anything other than trudging through my work day was both overwhelming and exhausting and unfortunately this blog was a casualty among untold other things.  after hesitatingly seeing several doctors and being treated for hypothyroidism with little change and adrenal fatigue with little change i found a gem of a holistic doctor who was able to provide both diagnosis and treatment.  it would seem my thyroid and adrenal glands received a one-two punch from toxic brain syndrome.  after several weeks of treatment i’m feeling much better and am on the road to perfect health.

i’m not sure if i’ve got any readers left at this point but if i do all i can say is thank you for hanging in there with me.  several things have happened this year that i just didn’t have the mental fortitude to put pen to paper about but my plan is to backtrack to catch you up.  a few of the highlights should include:


  • violet, violet, violet
  • victoryless gardener
  • benny sets us aflame
  • jewel loses something
  • kym goes to broadway 


i’m not going to make any promises because as i look over this blog i realize i’ve done that a few times this year already, although i think i’m in a better place to deliver.  again, thanks for hanging in there with me.

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