heavy hearts

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this is not the post i want to be writing today but sometimes life gets in the way of what we want.  today is astrid’s (seen here most recently) time and we are letting her go peacefully.  this decision of allowing our animals to die with dignity and peace is one that i take very seriously and one that i wish we afforded people.  it is an enormous decision and one that cannot be taken lightly.  when we know the time is coming we agonize over whether we’ll know when it’s appropriate, hoping we haven’t let them suffer for our sake, and each time we’ve gotten there we’ve found the clarity we’ve needed.  i am happy to be able to offer astrid this gift and to be able to hold her as she leaves but i am incredibly sad for the loss we’ll all feel when she’s gone.  if you have a minute in your day please wish astrid peace.  


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