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this post is the kind i don’t like…one with bad news that i hate to impart.  it is with heavy hearts that dave & i have come to the sad fact that we need to find violet a new loving family.  over the past six weeks or so she developed an issue with watson and it is only getting worse.  we sent her to an amazing trainer, nathan, for board and train for a few weeks, hoping for at the least a chilling out period and at best a solution to our problem.  while she is now fantastically trained and very obedient the situation with watson hasn’t changed.

it has become an untenable situation causing unrest in our house.  violet’s fine when she’s on a leash and under our control but she’s a fantastic dog and doesn’t deserve to live life on a leash and we don’t deserve an unreasonably stressful situation.

violet’s a sweet, loving lady with an endearing limp and a zest for life.  one need only look to the right of this page and hit the violet links to see her pictures and videos to see proof of this.  sadly watson is the only dog she’s ever had a problem with and that problem is really due to her close relationship with carly and our pack dynamics.  i truly believe, while she may not be a good pack dog, she would do fine with other dogs.  she has been with dogs, cats and children in her trainer’s home and has been very loving with our other 14 dogs.  if you know of anyone who might be interested in providing violet a loving home please let us know. 

while we are heartbroken at the prospect of losing violet we look forward to her being part of a loving family and to peace being restored to our home.  we are committed (after a period of peace) to adopting another dog so we leave no footprint with this.  this is new territory for us as we’ve adopted many, many fosters out over the years but have never had to rehome a dog that we thought of as part of our family.  we could use help on this one and are hoping our earthdog community can aid us here.  

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