how's uranus?

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it’s been a tuckus intensive day. i spent the first portion of my day at a buddhist retreat sitting away the hours. dave and i then spent the rest of the day pointing and clicking, updating the website with some changes including new collar patterns, the phineus-1 and simon-2. it's crazy how much work goes into website maintenance and how many hours just slip away while juggling images, data, too many open windows and applications. ahh computers, how we love thee. we made some good progress but didn't get quite as far as we had hoped. stay tuned for new dog images and further updates but now the dogs call. it's playtime and the obligatory throwing of the red balls ritual followed by their favorite part - dinner. it's sauna-like today in nashville so after a few good throws the red balls in mouth will no doubt be replaced simply with enormous red tongues, hanging sideways begging for mercy.

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