i think jon bon jovi said it best when he said "he's a little runaway"

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our life seems to move pretty fast and there's usually a lot to be accomplished on any given day. our nights fill up pretty quickly as well, what with dave's band practices, errands, grocery shopping, hanging out with friends & family, and appointments. this week we had a bunch of errands to do and last night was the only night we had available so we planned to go out after we finished work and fed the dogs. easy breezy covergirl, right…um, actually wrong…our little fletcher had other ideas. 

when it was time for the dogs to come in to eat everyone came in sans fletcher. a missing dog at mealtime is never a good thing and since fletcher was caught on the wrong side of the fence a few days ago it definitely signaled a problem. we have a large field behind our house and our neighbors have a large amount of property with a lot of, how can i say this delicately, crap going on which is all very interesting to our little magellan. it seems that every few months fletcher is able to uncover a small hole in our fence where he can work his way out, either that or the little bugger has a plastic spoon he’s using to dig that little hole and it takes him months to do it. anyway, fletcher finds or makes a hole and then we find said hole and cover it up and the vicious circle continues.

i just deleted two of the most uninteresting paragraphs you would ever have the displeasure of reading as a long way of saying we looked all over for him, couldn’t find him, started to get worried sick, darkness had fallen and we were giving up for the night and i turned around and there was fletcher sulking along behind us. as we were out looking for him i was thinking of the different ways i could make him pay for his insolent behavior and, of course instead of beating him senseless i ended up crying and fawning all over him. go ahead just say it, i’m a loser.

so just like that things turned on a dime and i ended up spending the evening feeling incredibly grateful that fletcher was home instead of shlepping my way through costco. you live quite the charmed life if doing something bad yields people feeling happy you’re there.

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