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so stella seems to have succeeded where odin* couldn't - slowly but surely she and  carly are building a solid relationship.  for the first time in really what’s been well over a year carly seems happy and my heart feels a ton lighter…can i get a woot woot?   

there’s a strange phenomenon going on here.  historically the idea of adding a new dog always came with equal parts excitement and apprehension.  there was always some fear of the chaos that would ensue - a new addition always meant a change of routine and some period of adjustment and tension.  i don’t know if one of these dogs is authoring and distributing a colella family manual to newbies or what but the past few new dogs have just waltzed right in creating nary a blip and stella is no exception.  beyond fulfilling her mission with carly, stella has been a remarkably easy fit.  

 *other than odin’s failure to bond with carly he has no other faults…except for being too fantastic for his own good.

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