maybe we should we call him shorty

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dooley is well on his way to being a colella pack member - he’s taking his time at it – clearly he knows slow and steady wins the race. he’s exhibiting two laughable qualities; the first being that he’s either scared of speck or absolutely repulsed by her (neither of which he could be blamed for). speck is of the mind that everyone loves her (which, as much as i hate to admit it, seems to be the case) and dooley is not left out of this group.  this means he gets the pleasure of her flaunting herself in his face many times a day - even though each and every time she does it he runs away from her as fast as he can (no small feat if he's laying down at the time of her attack).

secondly, he seems to have a hang-up about the length of his legs and tends to lay like this:

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