murray gets cracked

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below is a video of one of murray’s chiropractic appointments with the great dr. triplett in nashville. it’s 7 minutes of a vet appointment so it might not be the most engaging video but i thought it would be interesting for people to see if they didn’t know what chiropractic on dogs looks like. if you can’t hang out for the full 7 minutes i strongly urge you to make it (or fast forward) to 2:39 where murray’s face first appears – i defy you not to smile at this stinking dog!


the most important thing to remember when viewing this video is this is the dog who historically has sprayed every vet’s office with unmentionables and bites me if i try to pick a string off of him. the night before this visit i was trying to cut a mat from his ear (that was so big i thought it might be blocking his hearing) and after him biting me and throwing a fit we finally had to resort to dave wrapping him in a towel while i deftly snipped the mat away. for some reason when he’s getting acupuncture and chiropractic he’s really relaxed, which i’m thrilled about as it has dramatically changed his quality of life.

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