murray update

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for the last 8 months i’ve been taking murray for chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture and it has given him a quality of life that wasn’t predicted upon his original diagnosis. if you told me a year ago that murray would be receiving such care i would have guffawed right in your face. we’ve had murray since he was 4 weeks old and not once have we been able to take him to the vet without first slipping him a mickey. the sedation is not necessary to stop murray from being aggressive, if that were the case we’d employ a muzzle. in murray’s case he needs to be doped to stop large quantities of liquids from being rocketed from his orifices – creating a clearly messy and incredibly embarrassing scene. no rational person allows this to happen more than once before pharmaceuticals enter the picture – plus for murray’s sake it takes the edge off and allows him to relax (i use this word loosely).

when his back got to the point that the vet said he would probably soon be paralyzed i figured there was nothing to lose (other than mine and murray’s dignity) by trying the acupuncture – never in my wildest dreams did i think he’d tolerate it – and mickey-free no less. it tickles the crud out of me each and every time i look at him with the needles sticking out of him – seeing him with the chiropractor draped over him floors me. this is the guy who most of our friends and relatives have never gotten to touch – i’m pretty sure murray believes people are after his magic. i’m hoping to video his visit next month – if any of you have been considering acupuncture or chiropractic for your animals i highly recommend it and maybe seeing a video will help you make the choice. here are some shots of murray –the first two on the way to his appt and the last coming home.

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