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on friday owney suffered complications from his previous surgery and died on the operating table. this blog has many posts where i tried to portray the essence of owney but he truly was indefinable. he was one of those once-in-a-lifetime beings that you are grateful to have been in the presence of for whatever time you got to be. there are no words to describe his effect on our family and his presence and spirit will be felt by dave & i for the remainder of our lifetimes. we are obviously devastated and i will be taking a few days off from the blog to try to regroup. it is tragic that i will not be able to kiss that huge head again but in the end i feel absolutely honored to have gotten the privilege of spending two years with this amazing creature. i am left with a feeling of peace that i don’t believe i have experienced before. i know with all my heart that i was in the presence of greatness. i love you owney baloney!

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