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this video may not be the most entertaining but i find it notable for a number of reasons.  first, it's become clear to me that whenever there's something good happening and i appear with the video camera said good thing stops happening.  second, there is a rug between our living and dining rooms that the dogs have clearly designated the official ring where cans of whoopass can be opened - no ropes or any other demarcations needed.  third, this is one of the first times flanagan ventured into the ring and phineus responded like a champ - this point is clearly punctuated by my excited squeals.  fourth, apparently holding a video camera in front of your face is not the international sign for "duck" as i originally thought.  the final notable item in this video is my voice - holy crap, it's awful - i'm recasting the part of my voice tomorrow.  (i'm not even addressing speck's ridiculous behavior).

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