off to a good start

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it probably won’t come as a surprise that i was not a fan of 2013 - we lost too many family members and things were overall too hard to feel bad about it’s passing. because i consider myself a positive person and would like to be bigger than 2013 would have me be i will say that i am grateful for the additions of estelle, merle and ronan to our family; for the ability to stay in the house that we love and that all of us are currently healthy. i’m feeling much more enthusiastic about 2014 and if new year’s day was any example then we’re on the right track.

we spent the day together accomplishing absolutely nothing except relaxing and that right there is a dream day. this video is proof of the day, unfortunately relaxing and not taxing ourselves does not make for riveting video so i apologize in advance for the lack of action. it is against my better judgement that i’m posting a video where my attire is such that it is but i’m throwing caution to the wind and assuming you’ll understand i do possess more matching proficiency than this video would have you believe. it’s new year’s day and we’re relaxing and that means personal grooming and style took a vacation too!

start of 2014

in other news the polar vortex allowed us to experience this:

unfortunately the parka didn't make the cut since it turned out wil couldn't hear with the hood and for a totally blind guy that means you stand still and wait for it to end.

i will leave you letting you know that every time i walk through the living room and see this:

it's all i can do not to eat him! in the immortal words of carol "i'll eat you up i love you so!"

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