oh my nose!

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i’ve mentioned before carly’s current humping phase (see video here) and how unpleasant it is but yesterday she took it to a new level, or maybe the usual level but with pain involved. i was bestowing her with some pets and turned around to continue work when she jumped on my back and started humping me. as i turned to try to extract her from my body she clocked the hell out of my nose. i'm not even sure how, it may have involved flailing paws but couldn't tell you for sure. copious amounts of blood began to pour from my nose, which sadly seemed to have no effect on carly. the rest of the day went something like this: stop the bleeding, go back to work, sneeze (because i have a cold - did i mention the cold?) and repeat. it would appear from the bruising and swelling observed today that i now have a broken nose, which, in carly’s defense is not the first and probably not the last snoz fracture on this face. dog ownership is a joyful thing – carly ownership is a different story. i kid, she’s a gem!

p.s. she also destroyed dave’s sweatshirt today (unless flashdance is back in style)

p.s.s. anyone interested in a slightly unrefined wolfhound?

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