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1618709-1489006-thumbnail.jpgit has been a surreal week without owney and after further details from our vet it is clear that it was owney’s time to go and nothing or no one was going to change that. our vet was completely baffled by why owney died but the comforting fact was that it was the fault of no one and could not be prevented.

owney was a mystical creature and he fills my heart with peace and love every time i think of him – which is often. i would prefer to have his physical presence but i know his spirit will never leave me and that has brought me much comfort. i think my peaceful state can be attributed mostly to the fact i firmly believe owney was an enlightened creature and was not meant to stay in this world, and also perhaps my buddhist training is starting to take hold.

this blog has many posts of how amazing owney was and i still can’t believe this creature was only in our lives for 2 years. it took us so long to get through to him once we rescued him but now he is so cemented in my heart. how do these creatures do that to us in such a short amount of time? you will see more visions of owney as this blog continues (i have a plethora of photos that i was spacing out so this didn’t turn into an owney blog) but this picture best represents his other-earthliness. owney was a man of slow movements but in the rare moments that he did run, it was one of the most heart-breakingly beautiful things you could see – he came into our lives so broken down that his moments of unbridled joy filled dave & i with absolute glee. dave was thrilled to catch this rare moment with his cell phone. he will be dearly missed, he will continue to invoke love & peace, and he will never be forgotten…he was owney.

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