out of retirement (temporarily)

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i knew it was going to take a special situation to ever pull me out of foster retirement.  about 13 years ago dave & i had 2 fosters (along with our 11 dogs) when our foster/adoption network completely crumbled.  long story short after some time it became clear tate & frankie were going to be staying with us for the long haul.  for several reasons they were unable to be integrated into our pack so they’ve been kept separate all this time.  dave has taken responsibility for them all these years and has made sure they have the best life possible (and he has done an amazing job at this sometimes seemingly impossible task).  we lost tate last year but frankie is still going strong.  in the last few years she has aged into a more calm, less aggressive little lady and is able to play with a few of the newer dogs so her life has gotten a nice upgrade. 

the end result was we withdrew from the foster game, preferring to be the forever home for the amount that we could handle.  and then i read this sentence from trooper’s first appearance on the snooty giggles rescue facebook page

trooper was rescued a while back by a kind woman when he was discovered living in a field dragging himself into a yard to play with some children.” 

well if that’s not enough to break your heart wide open, you sir (or madame) are made of stone.  so after talking to dave, i emailed shawn (the rescue’s tireless, fearless leader) to let her know if no one else came forward we would foster trooper.  snooty giggles is an amazing, prolific rescue namely because of  shawn and fostering for her seemed a no-brainer (our last two dogs, zig and odin, are snooty alumnae).    

yesterday trooper arrived and he is as amazing and inspirational as that sentence up above would have you believe.  someone is going to be very lucky to have him in their life.  his official specs are he’s about 2 years old and likely a pitbull/hound mix.  he has an old severe fracture of his back caused by blunt force which completely and irreversibly paralyzed his back legs.  he currently has a temporary cart which he’s getting used to but also gets around unbelievably well on his own.  to further illustrate the five-star organization that snooty giggles is he is being measured for a permanent cart today (while also being neutered), a drag bag has been ordered and there is no expense being spared to make sure trooper receives what he needs to have the best life possible from here on out.

i’m not gonna lie, his care is a little overwhelming but i think in the coming days we’ll get the hang of it and get a routine going.  i do need to interject here and applaud our pack for their nonchalant acceptance of trooper.  they were all unphased by him, his cart and his non-working legs. 

shawn would prefer that trooper’s forever family have experience with his condition and be ready for the task of taking care of trooper.  we’ve only been in his presence for half a day and i can say with absolute certainty that whoever his forever family is will definitely be getting more than they give.  if interested please contact myself or snooty giggles for more information. 

this very short video illustrates why i affectionately have been referring to him as “worm”…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3_vLNchWfI&w=490&h=315]

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