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i think buddha hit on something when he said nothing is permanent. our pack number which we thought was a firm 14 is apparently firm like an old piece of celery. an irish wolfhound, carly, in desperate need came to our attention. she had been in a pretty shitty situation and had the good fortune to be rescued by a great lady who had been fostering her for the last 4 weeks. she oversaw carly’s spay surgery and revision surgery on a previously botched tail amputation (a product of her chewing because she was kept in a cage and bored).

the biggest problem with carly was her location…omaha, ne, well outside of my favored one hour drive time. if you frequent this blog then you’re probably aware that i hate to drive…hate it, hate it, hate it. when i found out nashville was an 11-1/2 hour drive to omaha i thought “how bad can this carly’s situation be?” i kid. after spending hours scouring the internet for some fairies to drop carly at our house i realized i was gonna have to strap on some neuticles and make the trip myself. carly’s foster was kind enough to meet me in kansas city, mo so my drive would only be 9-1/2 hours…still absolutely dreadful.

last wed i took an early morning flight to kansas city, rented a car, picked up carly, thanked her foster and off we went. i had originally planned on stopping in kentucky overnight but about halfway through the drive decided to just suck it up and get home. other than the fact that carly and i spent 9-1/2 hours folded into a tiny mustang because that was the only rental car available with sirius radio (which is required for a long drive) the trip was pretty uneventful – unless you count the watermelon truck i passed that i (shamefully) was willing to crash in front of me. that thing could have kept riley and i in watermelons for months. i was home sitting on the couch with carly after single-handedly introducing her to the rest of the pack by 9:30 pm (since i wasn’t supposed to be coming home dave had plans to go to a concert).

carly, as it turns out, was totally worth the trip. she’s sweet as can be and has fit in seamlessly with everyone. she’s about 7 months old and needs some more time to heal and gain some weight but she’s a beauty and seems to have an unbreakable spirit. she’s been tearing around with speck & flanagan and is quickly getting comfortable here. one thing that's definately permanent is carly's home with us.

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