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i am totally enamored of dogs and their amazing spirit and spunk. the way our dogs go through what is the monotony of each day is quite astounding to me. they are living a life essentially straight out of groundhog day and meet each day with the same amount of enthusiasm as the day before.

case in point: we feed our dogs twice a day every day, never once do these dogs not eat twice a day, and they eat the same thing at each of those two meals. and yet every time we feed them it’s like they’ve been given the greatest bounty they’ve ever seen and the excitement level leading up to the meal is quite the scene (see for yourself here and here).

case in point: we go in and out of the house all day long, hence doors leading to the outside are opened many, many times a day. you would think the dogs would be used to it and think nothing of it but still each and every time (this being the only exception) that door opens it’s like release day at shawshank. the outside is suddenly the most wondrous gift and must be appreciated immediately or conversely our house is a den of nirvana that must be enjoyed tout suite. they will follow us through doors all day long…no matter where they go.

case in point: when we come home they’re excitement level is through the roof…we must be the most fantastic people in the world to get this kind of tickertape parade just for coming home after a 5 minute jaunt into the world.

my favorite case in point: their enthusiasm for life makes me laugh hysterically on a daily basis. this is one of my favorite examples of that.

i will admit that each of these examples are also things that drive us crazy about living with a pack of dogs. it all depends on how you look at it and the mood you’re in at the moment. maybe this is just a reminder for me that i am fortunate to live with this pack of most spirited beings. to me their enthusiasm and spirit is one of their most enviable traits so who am i to pick and choose when i enjoy it?

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