phineus wants you to pump up

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i work out most mornings on an elliptical machine.  i’m only imparting this information because it’s pertinent to this post, otherwise i would keep my workout schedule to myself and let you think i come about my zaftig figure naturally. phineus is my consummate workout partner, however, the only physical activity he does is the short run it takes for him to get to the room when he realizes working out is happening.  it seems like he thinks if he’s in the room while pulse rates are rising then he’s reaping the benefits.  what he lacks in actual activity he makes up for in intensity.  he very rarely lays down, instead choosing to stand and stare at me, once in a while yawning, which makes me feel like i’m just not working as hard as he feels i should be.   it’s a very strange behavior – he’s never missed a workout…never!  i’m not sure why i’m surprised - these dogs are chock full of odd behaviors.  i don’t know if we happen to have strange dogs or if based on sheer quantity we get a wider cross section of peculiar behaviors.


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