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aug 1995-jan 12, 2008

i write this entry with a heavy heart as we had to let garcia go on saturday after a valiant battle with kidney failure. fortunately it was not a protracted illness and she did amazingly well up until the very end. we were able to let her go in peace and she was surrounded by our love as she left us. we are incredibly sad but also very thankful that she is no longer suffering. we know she is at some wonderful all-you-can eat buffet and no longer has to wait a half hour after eating to swim. this week will be “gar week” and i’ll be posting pictures and stories about our life with garcia. we love you gar and you are sorrily missed!

on another note, i have not posted in quite a while as i had planned a restructuring of this site. that is still in the works for the future but for now there is an updated about me page and there will be more frequent posts.

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