saturday morning coming down

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1618709-1132959-thumbnail.jpgthis is reilley & i chillin' on a saturday morning - he fancies himself my lap dog. if he gets the position right this is usually fine but if he gets it wrong, t's quite possible death is imminent once the extreme pressure his enormous body puts on my system is relieved.

this is reilley’s second post on the blog in a very short amount of time. since he’s rarely away from my side, i think this will be about par for the course. i actually welcome reilley’s abundant appearance because it gives people a chance to see how grand and goofy he actually is. because he's quite fearful, there's no one (other than dave & i) who knows his true personality, which is so awesome it sometimes defies imagination. i am not sure how he can be such an enormous joyous goofball with us and as soon as someone else walks in he becomes aloof and quiet. just a little background - we adopted him when he was a little over a year old from a wonderful family that could no longer care for him. because he was a very shy puppy, they ended up sheltering him to keep him from being uncomfortable. unfortunately, you generally end up with an unsocialized dog in this scenario. in the two years we've had him we've made some good progress with him (he no longer has explosive diarrhea when the meter reader comes) and he's definitely more comfortable with other people, but realistically he won't ever be our social butterfly. he's our little secret eccentric ball of joy...until now where i have exposed the wizard.

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