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for about 5 years we had an awesome pet sitter, amanda, who in an unprecedented, very selfish turn decided to move to kentucky last year with her husband…whatever.  seriously, during the rare times we did travel she was great – the dogs loved her, we didn’t have to worry at all while we were away and the dogs were only a little pissed at us when we came home. we were incredibly sorry to see her go…plus she’s a lovely person. last week i received an email from her and i’ll paraphrase here but it essentially said “i have to come to nashville next week and i’d love to stay with the dogs if you & dave want to go out of town.” um, excuse me…never in my life have i ever even dreamt of someone asking to stay at our house.

she stopped over last night to meet zander (he’s the only one she hadn’t stayed with before) and she actually described staying at our house as “peaceful” and said things like “your dogs are so easy.” i swear i’m not making this up and i’m not exaggerating. i may have spun the “love to stay with the dogs” above a bit out of proportion but everything else is verbatim.

our original answer was that it was too short notice to really plan anything. after thinking about it though, we decided that a night out of town would be a nice elixir to the rough weeks we’ve had after losing owney so we decided to drive to atlanta for the night. we’re a little giddy - we’re actually in the car right now and this picture of dave (taken with my iphone in a bumpy car) perfectly exemplifies how we feel. we’re having dinner at a vegan restaurant tonite and doing a little shopping/exploring tomorrow and hoping to find a source of wheatgrass (more on that to come) before heading home. what a decadent life we have for the next 30 or so hours!

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