scientific confirmation that dogs are heavy sleepers

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a few months ago when i asked what content you would like to see here the thing i heard the most was more photos and video of dave & i with the dogs and more of our daily life. i’m working on some “a day in the life” posts so they’ll be forthcoming but the photos and videos are a little harder because we have failed completely at teaching any of these dogs to use a camera so that leaves only dave or i in that capacity. the video bio we shot for earthdog this summer has a little bit of that so i’ll share that again:

earthdog bio

i have tried to capture some daily moments to try to give you an idea of what life’s like with this pack of ne'er-do-wells. first up is a pretty typical day in the office…of note is that, even though they’re technically all sleeping on the job, they do all make the trek to the office each and every day. indi is the only one who doesn’t find it necessary to make an appearance (and don’t think that isn’t discussed at the water cooler).

when the weather allows we take everyone out to our side yard to try to burn off some energy. some dogs are in greater need of that burn than others…benny, flanagan, slater and estelle all require something akin to a four alarm fire every few hours in order to not drive us all nutza butza. among everyone else are varying degrees of activity affected by things like the presence of interlopers (hawks are the main offenders) that need to be chased, whether wildlife has infiltrated the grounds overnight leaving scents that need to be scented and/or berries having fallen to the ground which will require everyone's immediate attention until all, and i mean all, have been eaten.

i workout every night in a fairly small space and part of the routine is sticking and moving to avoid stepping on, kicking or jumping on a dog (or dogs). on the evening that this picture was taken there were 4 dogs present and there will generally be anywhere from 3-6 (but i draw the line at 6…i’m not crazy). some people probably wonder why i don’t just close the door, why change what i’m doing to incorporate whoever wants to join in and while i understand that sentiment it’s just not me. i'm questioning that i just referred to them as "joining in" which is ridiculous because this picture could just as easily be a video. they definitely don't match their activity level to mine - it may be my workout room but it's their place of rest.

last but not least is a view of our living room when we’re just relaxing. for whatever reason the dogs tend to spread out a little more when we’re hanging out. it's probably mainly due to there being other couches and chairs that are close enough...they want to be close but certainly aren't going to sacrifice comfort to get it.

it has not escaped my attention that out of 4 photographs only one contains any upright dogs.

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