she is what she is

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speck was the unfortunate recipient of a very undesirable body type. she’s built like a very, very sturdy tube sitting atop 6” (at best) legs. a few months ago during our daily walk we decided to try to walk her on a leash, thus forcing her to do the whole walk to hopefully generate some weight loss and at least add some definition to the tube. our morning walk is 1 mile and i take reilley on a leash (the walk is for him and the health of his hips) and everyone else runs amok. there is an odd phenomenon in this family that some dogs are allowed to walk on a leash with no interference and others you put on a leash and a fervor erupts. this is what happened when we tried to leash specky:

sometimes we like to just let them keep doing things so we can get the full laugh benefit. it’s like living with a pack of drunk monkeys - we might as well enjoy it when we can.

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