she's movin on up

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carly's life has gotten a big upgrade of late; first with estelle and more recently (and fervently) with the addition of merlin.  she and merlin are developing a fantastic relationship and i couldn't be happier.  i was filming them the other night and captured pure magic that i'm not ashamed to say had me bawling: 

carly's face at the end of that video kills me...she's so happy!  since losing dooley she really hasn't had anyone to run with, which has been a large component of her depression.  i'm happy to say she not only seems to have shaken the depression but she also hasn't destroyed anything lately (such as stupid thing to say - my next post will likely be entitled "carly, carly, carly part 5" but i'm saying it anyway).  not only do i feel as though a weight's been lifted off my shoulders but i'm thrilled with our additions.  estelle could not be a more fun or loving puppy and she essentially has everyone playing more (videos of that coming up next) and merlin, oh merlin, is such a dreamboat...just a happy, sweet and loving guy.  he's adjusted amazingly well and he seems to love being part of a "pack."  

following is a somewhat long video of carly and merlin doing what they do.  also doing what he does is benny...oh benny, who has to inject himself in everything, blabbering away the whole time!  estelle is also present being a lunatic.

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