sleep is overrated, right?

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i think we need somebody out there to remind us why we sleep (or try to) with 16 dogs in our bedroom.  lately we’ve been lacking in the z department due to two culprits.  the first is violet who is not a fan of her cage and starts whining anywhere from 2:30 am to 6:00 am.  as puppies go she’s been fantastic, so good in fact we tend to forget she’s a puppy…she definitely seems to be an old soul.  she pretty much does what she wants and we feel like she's safe to allow out of our sightline for minutes at a time, however we do insist she stay in her cage at night and when we’re not home.  the other day in an act of non-sleep frustration dave decided to try letting her sleep out of her cage (which i told him was a bad idea for numerous reasons).  all went fine the first night but the second morning dave was awakened by the sound of violet peeing (not that i’m saying i told you so but, well, i actually did).  violet is back to sleeping in her cage and we get to listen to her whining…it’s a lose–lose all-around.  yay for us! 

the second culprit is this guy:

to be fair it’s not phineus’ fault that he’s been itchy (we’ll try to forget he seems to have some strange nighttime-only itching phenomenon).  it’s also not his fault that he prefers sleeping on the hardwood floor and it’s certainly not his fault that our hardwood floor has the ability to make a petite noise sound like the clock just struck midnight at a raucous new year’s eve party.  benadryl has had no effect so for the past 3 nights i keep waking up to phat phinny scratching his belly, which makes his leg go crazy, which on our floor produces a sound akin to nonstop machine gun fire.  it seems like it’s been going on all night but it’s really impossible to tell because i'm apparently in and out of consciousness and phineus, being the man of leisure that he is, naps all day so there’s no way to tell if he’s actually tired.  i’m certain that he’s just developed a little seasonal allergy so today i broke down and gave him some prednisone which will hopefully break the cycle and allow us all to sleep a little more peacefully, until violet disallows us to all sleep peacefully.  ah whatever, sleep is just practice for dying anyway…even if it is practice i really, really enjoy.

on another note the little lady had her surgery yesterday to have her pin removed and was spayed at the same time and she’s back home recovering nicely.  while she was under the influence of the knock-out drugs she used her leg a little more and it seems something clicked in her noggin.  she’s  been using the leg to walk a bit and she’s got quite a unique, adorable gait which just makes me giggle.  


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