slumdog millionaires

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okay, so this is yet another post specific to wolfhounds and their quite “special” nature (hereto forward referred to as “pathetic”). in our living space we have not one, not two but five couches (two of them being large sectionals) that are in use pretty much 24-7 and yet when dave & i want to sit down we still have to fight for a few square inches. this is due pretty much wholely to the pathetic wolfhounds. i’ve said before that the wolfhounds will always be on the couch closest to you and this is not at all an exaggeration (it’s highly likely they’re even doing some precise mathematical calculating in their noggins). carly perfectly illustrated this point this afternoon when we removed the seat from the van:

by the way, in case you’re wondering, carly is a horrible, horrible hound and her status as the worst dog in america has been upgraded to worst dog in the world. seriously...the worst! she literally cannot be out of our sight for more than 3.5 seconds or there will be something to clean up (or throw away). we got a beautiful new rug for our bedroom which looked lovely for 36 hours and then we woke up and it was missing one of it’s lovely corners.

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