somewhere there are pigs flying

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the very fact that this happened is mind blowing but that i had the presence of mind to video it is earth shattering...

isn’t it funny how you forget how things used to be? it wasn’t until i was looking through some videos today that i remembered indi used to play - a lot – all the boys loved her and she used to love all the attention. so what’s the reason it took videos to kick that memory in you ask? because somewhere along the way indi turned into a cat (no offense to cat people). this dog could not give a shit about any of us. we have a room in our house, the bar, which is a sunroom and is just slightly separate from the rest of the house and indi spends pretty much all her time under the stairs in that room. with the cold weather we like to shut that room off which means indi is forced to come into the actual house part of the house - this makes her very angry…we may as well be beating her. she then very sulkingly spends her time under our kitchen island. we went away for four days last month (which is a very long time in colella time) and you know how indi greeted us when we got home? she didn’t…the dog did not move from under the stairs. she’s an indignant little bugger. all this is to illustrate how shocking it is that out of the blue one day she decided that not only would she deign zig with some behavior that looked very much like playing but that she would *gasp* even run (even if her running is the type that makes you very tired to watch).

the only caveat to indi’s behavior is when she’s outside – she turns into a little love bug when she’s outside and all she wants it to sit next to you and be pet nonstop. she’s our little enigma.

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