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jack has been with us almost 3 weeks now and i’m certain a gemologist would certify him a complete and total gem. his physical condition is getting better – the mange is slowly but surely improving and the ear infections are pretty much gone - he’s got a lot of free time now that he’s not scratching full-time. his personality is emerging more and more each day and he is definitely less fearful. he is incredibly sweet and playful…just an all-around magical little butters.

estelle has fallen in love with him, although i’m not entirely sure that’s good on all fronts. estelle is a total joy but she’s also incredibly energetic and pretty rough. i'd like to say her lack of sight and hearing are to blame for the roughness but i think it’s mostly that she’s got asshole in her. for the most part jack seems pretty taken with her but he doesn’t always know what to do with her. she seems to be learning to move to slater or odin when she really wants to beat the bejinkles out of someone and leave jack for more controlled play. it will be interesting to see how this plays out…

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