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last week dave received an email from barron’s, a publisher of educational books, noting that they had come across his photography and were interested in licensing his catalog of dog photographs for use in their books.  i should note that dave first took up photography out of necessity.  we needed product shots and shots of our dogs for earthdog and the advent of digital cameras allowed us to update our catalog and website more frequently than were we to hire a photographer, the only caveat being that one of us would have to quickly become a photographer.  what started out of necessity became a fantastic creative outlet for dave and his photography obsession began.  i’m extremely proud of his talent and ecstatic to have our house filled with his amazing work so when someone was interested in publishing his photos it didn’t really come as a surprise to me rather more like “what took you so long.” 

the other side of the possibility of this deal that just smacked me upside the head is!  did you hear me…books across the world – my dogs in!  why is this so exciting to me?  honestly, i have absolutely no idea.  i remember when i first got the idea to create our line of greeting cards and designed them with the closest subjects available to me - my dogs.  it wasn't until later that it dawned on me those images of my dogs were being sent in the mail to people who were not relatives and i was tickled pink.  maybe it’s the loser that inherently exists in me but sometimes i think this business formed just so i could catapult likenesses of our dogs around the world.    

dave just received the proposal yesterday so i’ll keep you updated on the progress and hopefully let you know which books to buy to own a little piece of an official earthdog dog!  if you’d like to enjoy some of dave’s photography before then please check out his flickr page.  

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