stick with me

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so it would seem i’ve been neglecting this blog but i’m asking that you hang in there with me.  i don’t seem to be emerging from my funk as quickly as i would have hoped and whatever creative juices i might have had in the past have seemingly dried up.  i think of things i’d like to let you know about but then i can’t seem to summon up the energy to actually get them down in print and then the moment is gone.  i’ve got a few things i’d like to work on today so hopefully there are some things in the pipeline. 

while i can’t find the mental strength to write a blog post you know what i do spend a lot of time on?  removing capital letters from my iphone, ie appointments, addresses, texts, emails, tweets etc.  i’m almost embarrassed to think about the amount of time i spend retyping things.  dear gravy can someone not create an app that will remove capital letters?  even when i type iphone the dang thing has to capitalize the “p”.  what can i say, i like the casual, easy breezy covergirl feeling of lowercase letters.   a little known fact:  when i print it’s in all caps…sigh, i’m a complicated woman.

thank you for sticking with me!

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