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1618709-1617559-thumbnail.jpglast week we took murray to the vet for what we thought was a problem with his hips. x-rays quickly revealed that his hips are perfect but his back is a mess. i could give you all the medical jargon (which i love) or i can just say his back is f**ed up. our vet gave us a very bleak prognosis and i’ve been dealing with the news fairly poorly since then. after all i often say my heart is in the shape of murray and i absolutely refuse to lose him before his time (which i’ve scientifically calculated to be no earlier than 20 years of age).

today i took murray to a holistic vet for a consultation to see if acupuncture was a possibility. i am ecstatically writing this to say that the holistic vet had a much, much brighter prognosis and with some acupuncture and a combination of herbs and wheatgrass murray should be on course for a long, fruitful life. his back may be a mess but fortunately the rest of him is strong like bull. he’s pretty wiped out from his first acupuncture treatment but there should be sunny skies ahead.

now i just have to hope that acupuncture will solve the problem dave’s back will have after carrying the 54 lb cinder block that is murray up and down steps for the near future (hopefully we will have a ramp built by the weekend). my shoulder feels like it needs to be removed after hauling murray around all weekend while dave was out of town so dave, in true dave awesomeness, is picking up all the slack (in this case the slack being murray). unfortunately murray & dave have always had a rather cantankerous relationship so there is a lot of grumbling that goes on, although i do have to say most of it is from murray’s end. oh, my man murman – you crazy nut!!!

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