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so i don't usually write about earthdog-related things here (although i'm not sure why since somebody's gotta buy the stuff or these dogs will be eating us for dinner) however on this occasion i can’t contain my excitement so please excuse this small bit of promotion.

i've long been a fan of friendship bracelets - i love the colors, the patterns and the craftsmanship. after murray died i sewed his id tag on an old bracelet i had made in college and when that one wore out i got a new one and sewed it on that and so on and so on. at this point i have no idea what number i'm on but since losing murray his tag on a friendship bracelet has had a permanent place on my wrist.

dave and i are pretty much constantly trying to come up with new collar designs and a few weeks ago it dawned on me that a friendship bracelet pattern would make an awesome collar and so we got to work on it. when we got the sample trim i was so excited - i think it came out beautiful and i couldn't wait to get it on a dog. jack seemed the best recipient since: (a) he’s in best friend training and (b) since his arrival he’s been wearing the zander which ronan is also wearing and in this house doubled patterns is a cardinal sin. the new dog friendship bracelet (the speck) is currently in production and will be on the site and ready to ship by the end of the weekend. really if anyone in your life deserves a symbol of friendship isn't it your dog?

up next will be a jack update but here's a teaser: he's fantastic!

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