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i know i'm late to the game but i thought i'd attempt my own twist on throw back thursday.  my idea is to find the first picture ever taken of each of our dogs and then give a little bio/insight into said dog.  if you saw our cabinet of pictures or the way pictures are "organized" on my computer you would know i'm attempting quite a feat.  i've got the first picture so there's only like 30 more to go...how hard can that be???  

the year was 1988 (but doesn't my hair already tell you that) and i didn't know it yet but i had just adopted the greatest friend ever.  if 2013 me could have told 1988 me where i'd be 25 years later i'm pretty sure my head would have popped off .  kody not only inspired my life but our business and it's no surprise that his pattern is our best selling of all time.  

his vital stats:

  • his story:  kody was a shepherd/collie mix who was found on the streets of newark, nj in a cardboard box with one of his front legs held on literally with cardboard and duct tape.  he was 3-months-old at the time and because no one thought he would survive they allowed a vet student to perform the amptutation.  when they found kody standing and wagging his tail a few hours later he was probably also giving them the finger.  i brought him home 2 weeks later.
  • his nicknames:  they were so numerous it's almost hard to remember them all but the most oft used were pokey, nutter butter and chancellor rabbit.
  • his nemesis:  other people's feet.  probably because of his past kody did not take kindly to feet being swung anywhere near him.  he could make himself look and sound very vicious and ended up scaring the bejinkles out of quite a few of my friends in his lifetime (although no skin was ever broken).
  • his loves:  kody was a man of few needs...two square meals and a soft place to rest and he was good.  which was good for him because he went everywhere with me, including college, and money was not always in large supply for much more than that.  i also think i need to include myself on this list (and later dave).  it was kody and i together for quite a few years until sage and then dave came along so we forged a strong, loving bond.  he was protective and loving and just the greatest friend, especially for a college kid who didn't know what the heck she was doing or who she was.  
  • little known fact:  newark humane society used his picture on their donation cans all through the state of new jersey for a very long time.  even after he had passed (at the age of 15) dave & i came across a can with his picture while on a trip back to nj.  

i think this has to be my all-time favorite picture of us:

i also want to thank everyone for your comments and advice.  i'm constantly amazed at the community we have here and your comments and emails honestly mean the world to me.  thank you for your time and your seemingly never-ending support.   

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