the call

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you know those minor annoyances you have in your life that you keep living with day after day even though there quite possibly may be a very easy fix?  i’m (almost) embarrassed to point out this issue that dave & i have been living with for who knows how long.  i don’t want to think about the time and money we’ve frittered away on this ridiculously easy to fix issue brought to us single-handedly by none other than carly.  

when we redid our bathroom a few years ago i was elated, and by elated i mean e.l.a.t.e.d., to buy a toilet paper holder that you just slid the tube right on.  no more time wasted time pushing and pulling the little sprocket mickdingler, putting the roll on and then pushing and shoving the little sprocket mickdingler back on.  can you imagine the time we’ve saved? i was enjoying all that free time until carly, oh carly, discovered she basically had an all-you-can eat toilet paper buffet that was open 24-7.  adding insult to injury she’s actually only interested in the core and because her mouth is basically a set of needle-nose pliers she is amazingly able to extract the core regardless of the amount of toilet paper remaining.  the easy immediate fix, until we implemented a proper fix, was to put the toilet paper up on a high shelf.  there were a few problems with this solution, i.e. if you forgot to take the paper down before you, um, sat down you had a quick, fandangled move to accomplish and if you forgot to put the paper back up when done you were left picking shards off the couch (the bigger the roll the more shards).  you guys we have been using the immediate, stupid fix for months…months!  we could have just changed the holder and bought carly a 12-pack of scott and called it even m.o.n.t.h.s ago.  isn’t life hard enough without making the call of nature a feat?

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