the descent

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about 6-8 weeks ago wilson seemed to plunge into complete confusion and old age overnight. he was no longer able to get around the house on his own, when we called to him he clearly heard it but always moved in the opposite direction and he kept circling and running into walls. because of his total blindness running into things and not always knowing where he is can be commonplace but this was extreme and very sudden. wil spent many years on prednisone due to his immune mediated disease so my concern was he was in liver failure.

surprisingly his blood work was perfect and that of a younger man. with the absence of any symptoms other than the confusion and the perfect blood work our vet diagnosed dementia and prescribed several supplements. after trying the supplements to no avail we were suddenly looking at a quality of life issue. it was frighteningly looking like the wiz was not long for our world. from the first minute we met him when he popped out of his carrier like a little champ, pneumonia and all, he’s been such a trooper with everything he’s been through that i really couldn’t stomach keeping him alive in the condition he was in

knowing that frankincense is helpful with brain function i figured it couldn’t hurt to add some to his regimen. would you believe that after two days wil started improving? we’ve been giving him one drop twice a day for about 3-4 weeks now and darnit if he’s not totally back to normal…if not even better than that. i am beyond grateful to have our wiz back to his amazing, pugilistic little self.

dave and i are always looking to combine holistic treatments in combination with traditional medicine with both ourselves and our animals and this is just the latest proof that this is the correct path for us. have you had similar experiences with eastern medicine?

and hey frankincense – they don’t call you the king of oils for nothing!

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