the no victory garden

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at first glance having a garden seems like a no-brainer for us and seems to jive quite well with our lifestyle.  we try our best at being environmentally friendly and the thought of living off the land is quite an attractive idea.   we started a small garden two years ago and dear gravy was i overwhelmed even though (if i’m being honest) i should note that dave was doing most (insert “all” here) of the work…it was apparently more the idea of the responsibility than the actual responsibility dragging me down.  to be fair it could have been a little bit due to my illness but in any case i was glad to bid the garden adieu at the end of the season.

the first year of the garden started off on a good foot – we started a raised bed and put a small fence around that the dogs respected (with the exception of tomatoes that grew through the fence which watson really enjoyed).  toward the end of the season something wild started taking our watermelons (which were not fenced) which prompted some bickering between dave & i.  dave wanted to fence them but my feeling was that any animals were welcome to “my” watermelons (dave doesn’t even like them) – after all i can go to the store and purchase said item whenever i want but the animals don’t have that luxury (no shoes, no shirt, no service).  the argument was settled by the season coming to an end.

last year’s garden started off much in the same way, albeit with fencing around the melons, but then things took a turn for the worse.  it started with finding jewel on the wrong side of the fence and it all went downhill after that.  everyone knows a crowd draws a crowd and when you have a crowd of dogs this is the law of the land.  jewel and watson ate the tomatoes, indi just walked all over the garden and flanagan fell in love with the cucumbers.  before we had a chance to harvest a single item it was all gone but for one single cucumber which while i triumphantly walked toward the house bearing was quickly ripped from my clutches by the cucumber thief himself.  at this point i gleefully announced an end to gardening forever which dave surprisingly was in agreement with…we've got enough living things we're responsible for here.

it is also my duty to let you know that violet is still accepting applications for her forever family...could you be the lucky one?

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