there's a new witch in town

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growing up we always had a kitchen witch in our kitchen (and if your kitchen witch resides anywhere other than the kitchen you’ve got problems) and it’s an odd superstition that i’ve carried into adulthood.  for the last decade or so our kitchen witch has been an ozzy osbourne figure, although the only way you would know it was supposed to be ozzy is because the packaging said so.  i don’t know if there are rules as to what makes an official kitchen witch but my theory is whatever you think is the kitchen witch, is.  over the last year i have acquired a new, interactive kitchen witch and his name is watson. 

watson started hanging out with me in the kitchen on a random basis but over the last few months if i’m in the kitchen so is watson, although he has a sixth sense of when i’m just grabbing something and when i’m actually cooking and he doesn’t waste his time on the former.  i’m sure you’re thinking that he’s a pretty smart guy and has placed himself on the front lines for food droppage but the fact is he’s not really interested in the food.  he’s such a faithful presence that often i’ll try and give him something and most times he’ll take it from me like i’m testing poisons. all the other dogs in the house will charge something falling in the kitchen like the doors just opened on a black friday sale but watson just looks at me like i’m a clutz.   he’s actually a delight to have there whether i’m in the kitchen for an hour or all day and he’s so much better than ozzy osbourne but i do worry that his loyalty is a bit obsessive compulsive. 


many of our dogs seem to have these odd habits that come out of nowhere and quickly become constants.  maybe because we have so many dogs each feels they need to assert themselves into a specific activity or maybe they’re just weird (probably equal parts of each).   perhaps all dogs do this and because we have a pack of dogs we have a greater appreciation of the different habits each dog acquires?  maybe you guys can weigh in on whether your dogs have exhibited similar behaviors?

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