to catch a predator

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1618709-1551930-thumbnail.jpga few years ago a friend who loves wilson bought him a tan trench coat. we put it on him & all oohed & aahed at how cute he looked. a few weeks later some other friends came over with their baby, their young, untarnished baby, and while he was crawling on the floor wilson began humping him. as soon as they left i threw his trench coat in the garbage. a trench coat turns sinister when donned by a sexual predator. now that i think of it isn’t it only flashers and the like that wear tan trench coats? why are we selling these for dogs? why are we buying these for dogs?

i had no idea dave had a picture capturing the hideousness, although in his defense the incident had yet to occur. my apologies if you can’t get this out of your head.

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