vote jewel 2008

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we’re pretty sure jewel is bucking for a promotion…she's been bullying everyone incessantly. she’s definitely taking the "belittle your opponent" approach rather than the "kill them with kindness" one. i’m not sure i want to live with a pack that jewel is the head of – insanity is very rarely a trait you want in your leader. i’m not sure i can think of one time in history that mental instability has proven an invaluable asset.

since the moment jewel walked into our house over 6 years ago she has been barking nonstop – in fact before we adopted her she was returned to the humane society by two different families, more than likely due to her barking. other than the barking she was once a lovely dog…as i’ve mentioned before she was even our tradeshow dog.  i have no idea what happened to that dog but she’s gone baby gone! she now wiles away her time running, pouncing, biting and generally brutalizing everyone. fortunately for the rest of the pack one thing has remained true about jewel...she has the bite of a puppet. her mouth actually feels felty inside and is not capable of doing any harm at all. of course, that’s not much of a consolation if you’re the one being held down by a 65 lb pile of fuzz.

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