we'll just have to punt

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it seems the odin effect has yet to take hold of carly...although he's got the whole family smitten.  in the midst of baking 300 mini-cupcakes for the benefit we're hosting tomorrow night...did i mention we're hosting a benefit tomorrow night?  if you missed that please check out the website and consider joining us if you're local - it's all to benefit spay & neuter in middle tennessee and it should be a blast!

but i digress...so carly...carly, carly, carly!  like i said, in the midst of baking 300 mini-cupcakes, which is a lot of pans to grease, carly very stealthily stole my can of spray oil (unbeknownst to me).  dave found her in the office apparently way too late - she had punctured the can with her feral-like jaw strength and poured almost a full can's worth of oil onto the carpet.  the very can of oil i needed to spray the many pans that needed spraying. many times living with a pack of dogs is all about sticking and moving and much punting.  now i'm stuck buttering and flouring all these mini-muffin tins – much of the time the punting involves more work than the original plan the dogs felt it necessary to destroy.     

lest you think i foiled carly's plan to completely destroy my to-do list for the day she had more up her sleeve. later i walked into the office to find her diligently pulling at the carpet trying to get every last bit of oil out of the carpet...and getting the carpet out of the carpet at the same time. our carly girl - the master of adding insult to injury.

because i don't want you to get the wrong idea of carly (yes, she is horribly behaved) please know that at the same time she's the loveliest, most spirited being and i absolutely adore her.  she generally counteracts her horrid actions with something like this...


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