what is and what will never be

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this post was originally going to be a continuation of the phineus post below. it was going to include 4-5 pics of phin in some of his other favorite places to sleep…really just to show that phin really likes his sleep and anywhere he can plop his body is his favorite place to sleep, for that moment at least. however, all the photos i took were blurry to varying degrees of ridiculousness. this is why i’m not the family photographer. the dogs can be flying around like crazy, limbs akimbo, and dave can shoot a crisp, fantastic photo of the action. i apparently can’t photograph a motionless, sleeping dog without so much blurring it makes you feel like it’s the morning after. instead you’ll have to enjoy this single slightly blurry photo of phin, in another of his favorite sleeping spots – just don’t look at it too long or you may need some advil.

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