what up chardog?

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i have two blog posts in the pipeline for today (hopefully i'll still get to them) but an email that i just received really deserves some attention.  the following email was generated from the email submission form on this website.  if anyone can shed any light on it i would appreciate it.  and now for your reading pleasure: 

This email was transmitted via www.earthdoglife.com.

Submitted from address pool-72-95-252-69.pitbpa.east.verizon.net/


Your Name: earthdog
Your Email:  xxxxxxxx

Subject: i have been earthdog since 1986,and can proove it
Message: yo,you honkies is in bad trouble,i am the earth dog hear me growl bitches.i am also the evil anti duane,just axe mf'n greg godamn me.bye mf's ps.i hate hippies goddamn it.chardog

there are a few things i enjoy about this email:

  1. he/she wrote it in lowercase letters...i think you all know by now this makes me very happy
  2. i really like his/her use of ebonics
  3. he/she refers to him/herself as "chardog" - i wish i had the balls to refer to myself with a moniker (especially one as great as chardog - how awesome is that)
  4. he/she spelled very little right but damn was spelled correctly twice (goddamn got away from him on one)...that's a hard word what with the silent n and all

all that aside, i really don't know what this person is saying or how i can help them.  can you help me help them?

p.s. i removed the email address to protect chardog's privacy

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