where my peeps at?

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if you’ve never experienced the true nature of a wolfhound then i should let you in on something – they’re pathetic. from what i can discern woefulness and a huge heart seem to be the main components of a wolfhound – throw in some internal organs and fuzz and you’re there. how does this piteousness exhibit itself you may ask? first and foremost, wherever you are and whatever you ‘re doing any wolfhound you have will be on the couch closest to you...at all times. if you’re moving about the house they will follow you to the closest cushiony surface – doesn’t matter if you’ve got one wolfhound or 100 (although the ratio of wolfhound to couch should always be 1:1).

exhibit number two: when you let them outside to play they will at the onset act as if it’s the most amazing thing – until they realize you’re not part of the equation. if you aren’t outside with them then playing outside morphs into a punishment. the picture to the right was captured literally 2 minutes after i let the dogs out. we have 16 dogs, 4 of which are wolfhounds. if you look closely you’ll see 4 dogs staring rather pathetically at the door willingly it to open (except carly who saw me in the window) - the 4 dogs being the 4 wolfhounds of course, 12 other non-wolfhounds were able to entertain themselves. need i say more? in the event this sounds like i am down on patheticness i should tell you i love these co-dependant creatures – looooove them.


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