which side are you on?

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i bet if you did a survey of pet owners exactly half would say they allow their pets on the furniture and the other half would say they don’t.  growing up our family was on the “don’t” side which essentially led to me spending my childhood on the floor.  solely for this reason as an adult i’ve always been firmly on the “do” side. 

we probably have more couches and chairs than the average household.  if there’s a nook or a cranny where a soft, upholstered body-holder will fit we cram it in and the most comfortable seats can literally have a body on them for 18-24 hours a day. there is no piece in our household this is more true of than this chair:

for a few years this chair was carly’s bitch…she brought it within inches of it's life.  a few months ago we had it reupholstered and everyone was pretty much beside themselves when we took it out of the car to carry it inside:

for some inexplicable reason once the chair was recovered carly no longer had any use for it (i probably pissed her off with the flowers).  carly's loss was flanagan's gain and he swooped in and claimed it for his own.  he's spent much of his time troubleshooting new positions...so many that you should consider getting your scrolling finger ready as i've included a selection of his works:  

where does your household fall on this controversial topic?

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