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1618709-1698132-thumbnail.jpgdavid bought me 2 pillows for my birthday…this is news for 2 reasons (and one is not because he remembered my birthday – he always does). the first is that the pillows are stuffed with feathers – evidence that even people married to vegans don’t always understand vegans. i have to overlook the feather stuffing as he diligently removed all evidence of tags rendering them unreturnable. he was so diligent i could have been led to believe that he made the pillows himself. plus he went to the trouble of picking and buying them for me – i’m not a great returner of items like that. the second bit, both more odd and newsworthy, is that apparently watson has developed a fear, actually a significant fear, of pillows.

after i unwrapped the pillow i put it on our living room couch. for the next hour or so watson stood in the living room, staring at that pillow barking his head off. every time someone walked past the living room he barked like mad. at first i thought he was protecting the pillows until i walked toward him with it and he reacted as though i was a crazy-eyed killer wielding a machete. i actually felt as if i was being cruel to him, approaching with such a soft, fluffy item. i put that pillow away and picked up one that he has lived in harmony with his entire life. low and behold he ran away from that one too. we decided to put the birthday pillows away and give him some "pillow-safe" time so we’d have a control. oh how i love a scientific experiment. we’re now back to all the pillows we had before "the birthday pillow incident of '08" (if this were covered on cnn there would already be ominous theme music and a zippy graphic). this morning when tested he had no problem with old pillows. tonite we’ll bring one of the new ones out and set it on the couch when he’s not around and see what happens. maybe he thinks a pillow with feathers could fly around, zero in on him and smother him????

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