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zig’s human equivalent would be the kid sporting the frog costume 24-7 - he’s an eccentric little bugger. if you know me at all then you know that’s right down my alley…i’m all for letting his freak flag fly. consequently he does things that we wouldn’t allow anyone else to do (but in reality no one else really has any interest in doing). he’s been known to sit on pretty much anything that gets him closer to me, including but not limited to tables. in zig’s defense most of the time when a dog gets on a table they’re looking for food but that’s never his motivation.

up until a few months ago zig was still spending the night in his crate (it only took about 1-1/2 years to get him housebroken – he’s now proudly about 95% reliable). because of his puppy mill status i think the crate was a double-edge sword: he was comfortable in it but i also think it was impeding his building confidence. a little while ago i decided we needed to do away with it but i also wanted him to have a safe spot, a spot that was his. i looked down at my bedside table and decided to clean it out, make a little bed for it and see if zig would like it and oh, did he ever. it tickles me to no end to watch him hop into his cabinet. we’ve dubbed it the “man cave” – zig loves to be surrounded by toys and things that smell like us and he’ll take it all in with him. if one of us leaves any piece of clothing within his grasp, be it a sock, shirt, pants, shorts, anything we’ve worn, you can bet you’ll find it in the man cave. the only negative aspect is other dogs used to come up in the morning to see me but zig has essentially created a force field and he will blow a gasket if anyone comes within 10 feet of me before we get up. it's a little hard to get a picture of him in his cave but i think you can get the drift...

he’s my little idiosyncratic nutbag and i adore him. here’s a little compilation of zig on things:

on a table on a table

on a chair on a chair

on a bar stool on a bar stool

on a table (awake this time) on a table (awake this time)

on the platform under our bed on the platform under our bed

on a shelf on a shelf

on another table on another table

on the kitchen table on the kitchen table

on my rebounder (while i workout beside him) on my rebounder (while i workout beside him)

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