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a few weeks ago we decided to foster another dog for snooty giggles, asprey beach. she’s a 7-year-old french bulldog who had recently been through some traumatic changes and she pulled quite hard at my heart strings. in probably the span of a month or so she was hit by a car and had a leg amputated, her owner died and then the family or friends dropped her rather unceremoniously at a shelter in kentucky. fortunately snooty giggles came to her rescue and started her on her new life.

we were "fostering" her basically knowing that if she was happy in a pack scenario and fit in well she would likely be staying as she certainly didn’t need any more changes in her life unless they were for her benefit. a few days before the handoff was happening shawn (who runs snooty giggles) texted me saying “i don’t think she can hear.” so let’s distill this down…she’s got 3 legs and she’s deaf…oh yeah she’s a colella.

basically i’ve cut to the chase so here’s the lady who shall hereto forward be known as mabel:

she takes the chaos here in stride and seems pretty nonplussed with everything. she definitely seems dulled down by how life has hit her and it didn’t help that a few days after transitioning here she had to have surgery to repair a hernia...that blow pretty much negated any progress she had made here.

we’re starting to see a glimmer in her eyes though and i can say for certain she’s going to show herself to be quite the character. as of now her grunts, snorts and snuffles crack us up. the one place where she always seems happy and really shines is on our daily walks and it's quite a delightful sight.

it would seem i've inexplicably landed myself quite the midget posse...at any given moment i'm followed by 5 little weebles.

here's a few more shots of able mabel that i love:

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